A Quick-Start Guide To Creating Your First Instagram Ad


Photo: © YakobchukOlena, YFS Magazine

Photo: © YakobchukOlena, YFS Magazine

Having a strong social media presence is extremely important these days, especially if you own an online business that needs more visibility.

Even when you’ve already reached your target audience and you feel like you have done everything in your online marketing playbook, there is always room to improve your brand awareness, consideration and conversions.

Instagram is one of the most powerful apps in the social media landscape, with an engagement rate that exceeds that of Facebook or Twitter. It can help individuals, public figures and brands create visual content based profiles that have the power to increase popularity and influence. This kind of visibility leads to increased reach and often more profit.


Here’s a look at why (and how) brands are using Instagram to build their businesses via direct case studies.


Source: Iconosquare

Source: Iconosquare


  • M.Gemi wanted to expand its advertising efforts by retargeting people on Instagram who have interacted with its Facebook ads. It aimed to increase brand awareness and drive online purchases for both its women’s and men’s product lines. They retargeted their existing Facebook audience on Instagram with pre-tested creative, which lowered the cost per acquisition.

  • Dagne Dover’s primary objective was to increase online sales of its various product lines, but it also wanted to drive more traffic to its website to introduce more people to its brand. So, they created and targeted customer profiles with Instagram ads, resulting in a double-digit return on ad spend.

  • The Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon Series wanted to raise brand awareness and reach more runners in a short period of time, with the ultimate goal of increasing online registrations for its 2016 events during its annual one-day worldwide sale. So, they created targeted carousel ads to promote its one-day sale, resulting in a double-digit return on ad spend.


Instagram Ads basically work like any other social media platform with an ads feature. Although it is simple to understand the flow and to set up the ads, there are a few basic things that you should know about Instagram ads before you start advertising:


  • You must have an active Facebook page

  • You need a Facebook ad account

  • You must set a call-to-action

  • You must set a budget

  • You need visual content such as a square image, a landscape image or a 60 seconds long video


Creating Instagram Ads is a seamless experience, given that you connect your Instagram account to your Facebook Brand Page. Follow the steps below to setup your first ad.


1. Create an instagram business profile

First, create an Instagram account, if you don’t already have one. Then switch your account from a personal to a business profile. Here’s a helpful video below to get started.