Jupiter CT Needs You – A 12-Month Paid Programme



Do you consider yourself a forward-thinking, passionate, culturally insightful misfit who can take something and turn it on its head? Have you just recently finished studying and you’re looking for an opportunity to strut your stuff?

If you answered yes to the above, we need you…and we want you.

The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town is looking for 4-5 creatives to join The Ripple Effect – a 12-month paid programme that was launched in 2004 for young BEE creatives who are looking for a foot in the door and an opportunity to be a part of creative agency. You won’t be making coffee for us, you’ll be a part of the team.

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The application process is a little different this year: Jupiter CT has submitted its CV to the best schools in and around Cape Town. Joanne Thomas, Executive Creative Director of Design at Jupiter CT, explains:

“We put our own CV together for the students, much like they would have to do in the real world. We highlighted our expertise, our passions, our values – which include being wildly inventive and f**king ballsy, our experience, and our skills. Now we’re looking for candidates with a different skill set that would complement ours to come forward.”

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This year, The Ripple Effect is looking for creatives who specialise beyond copywriting, art direction and design. Think photography, editing, coding, animation, directing, and the like.

“If you choose to work with us, you’ll be working as a team, so collaboration is key, and an appreciation for other skill sets, and an open-mindedness towards amplifying them is vital.”

You can apply as an individual creative or part of a multi-disciplined team, and if you’re short-listed, you’ll be invited to a speed-date interview with our Creative Directors. Something a little less formal than the usual suit-up. Fingers crossed.

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To find out more, email us at rippleeffect@juptierct.co.za. Submissions are need by Friday, 4 November 2016, or watch how it unfolds by following #jupiterneedsyou.

For more information on The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town, head to the website, or follow the Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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