Why Being the Smartest Person in the Room Is the Essential Goal


There’s no better quote out there than “knowledge is power.” It’s short, simple, and if you take the time to (mindfully) dissect it, you’ll start finding out how true it is.

In business, it pays to be the most knowledgeable person in the room. I’m not saying that you have to have every answer to every question. That will never be the case. However, it’s important to have a keen understanding of what’s going on within your industry and the best practices surounding it.

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I get an incredible opportunity to consult, work, and just help out people from various sectors, but before I even consider helping, I have to learn everything about how their business works. I tend to read several books on a subject, study the best industry-related blogs, sign up for all the related newsletters, and make sure I have a clear understanding of what consumers from the market look at.

Though it may seem tough, it’s quite simple. It’s just a matter of having that will to learn and the curiosity to find new ways to come up with solutions for different companies.

Abundance breeds laziness.

We live in the information age, and we have a wealth of knowledge available to us at the click of a button. Unfortunately for us and our darn behavior patterns, the abundance of information breeds laziness.  

Don’t believe me? Look at the rise of the virtual assistant. Outsourcing work, at least for startups, has become the norm in many instances. Sure, with all the different websites and software available online, we could easily learn a lot of the things on our own. But instead, we want to focus on things that we like to do and pay others to do redundant tasks. There is nothing wrong with outsourcing, just know that learning and doing new things that appear to be difficult really isn’t that bad. It’s all in the routine.

Make it a routine to learn.

To be the smartest person in the room, you have to make it a routine to learn. Make time in your day to read books, listen to audiobooks and podcasts, or even go to small meetups or conferences in town. Whatever it takes to be the best, just do it.

Excellence is nothing more than building your routine and process and using your free time to find ways to get better and up your game. The first thing you should do is not allow any negative thought enter your mind. Sound crazy? It’s because it almost is. Based off my observations, I’ve found that people give up on themselves way too quickly.

Here’s a quick example. Whenever I give people personal growth advice and let them know of my routine, they often tell me that they “don’t have time for [working out, reading, learning, etc.]” Where I respond “well, you just have to make the time.” More times than not, they’ll just give up and make an excuse and say it’s not their thing.  

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